30 creative lesson plans across Science, Global Citizenship and PSHE

Access 30 FREE, accredited and quality assured lesson plans across Global Citizenship, The World Around Us, Health and Wellbeing, Personal Development, The Power of the Brain, and Perception and Illusion. 

Designed for pupils aged 5 – 13 years, each lesson is matched to the National Curricula for England, Northern Ireland and Wales and Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland. Download curriculum links here.

“Dreamachine has gone beyond and has given us the opportunity to develop art and science skills unimaginable for the primary curriculum but essential for children.”

Victor Guerro, Curriculum Lead in Creative Arts,  Hillyfield Primary Academy, Waltham Forest


with British Science Association

Inspire your class with these CREST Award Accredited resources, to explore the wonder of the mind and brain, who we are and how we sense the world.

Each lesson uses scientific investigation to develop children’s understanding of scientific concepts, and exploratory skills to develop curiosity and deepen understanding of how we interact with the world.  

Global Citizenship


Challenge pupils to broaden their understanding of their rights, think about what’s important to them, understand an increasingly complex world and recognise they are part of a global community. 

Developed in partnership with UNICEF UK, each lesson focuses on a particular right from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC) and helps pupils grow more confident in standing up for their beliefs and having their voices heard.

PSHE / Health & Wellbeing

Promote discussion with your class using expressive art activities to help pupils understand their own and others’ emotions and perceptions. 

This collection of 10 lesson plans for children aged 5 – 13 years-old focuses on Personal Development and Health & Wellbeing, providing opportunities for children to reflect on their connection to each other and the world; developing self-esteem and strategies for self-care. 

“I was totally fascinated by the whole theme of this programme.  I feel if I am interested in it as a teacher then my pupils would also be interested.”

Miss Wortley, Head of Foundation & SENCo, Meadow Bridge Primary School, Hillsborough

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